Landscape Construction

Permeable Pavers

Permeable Pavers is a term that is used that I found a bit misleading. The concrete pavers themselves are NOT permeable. It is the system that the pavers are installed in that create a permeable surface. Permeable surfaces are becoming more important as water issues such as storm water run-off and water recharge areas are…

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‘PLANT SOMETHING’ initiative

Living in Maine is a wonderful thing and as growers and landscapers we are extremely lucky to be part of a vibrant professional community. One of the many benefits of this community is the Maine Landscape & Nursery Association.  MeLNA is a non-profit professional trade association with members from all over the state representing a variety of…

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Patriot Place Project

When sitting on the patio or in the lounge of the Renaissance one can view Gillette Stadium across the street. The only hotel at Patriot Place, The Renaissance stands in a league of its own.  Salmon Falls Nursery furnished and installed all the plant material on site under the auspices of the general contractor. Being…

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