Fall Landscape Maintenance Services

Your landscape is an investment that should last a lifetime, and in order to maintain that landscaping in the fall & winter months certain services are recommended:

Lawn Aeration:
This consists of plugging hollow tines into the soil surface and pulling out a soil plug. Vital exchanges can now take place: oxygen, for root growth enters the compacted layer and carbon dioxide escapes. Water can penetrate to the roots carrying essential nutrients and flush out toxic salts.

Lawn Compost:
Spread organic compost over lawn after aeration to add essential minerals to lawn which aids in growth over the winter months.

Fall Cleanup:
Leaves will be raked and removed from property. Lawn areas will be mowed. Trimming will be done around buildings, walkways, and trees. All refuse hauled from property

Fall Annuals:
Fall annuals will be installed upon customer request an include mums, flowering kale, and/or flowering cabbage.

Please call us at (207) 384-5540 for these important maintenance services.