Newburyport, MA Landscaping Project

A tight squeeze in Newburyport, MA!

Maneuvering on a small lot is a challenge in and of itself. Only eight feet between the corner of the house and the corner of the garage made access to the backyard a larger challenge than expected. But experience and the right equipment made the job go smoothly. Patio and walkway were installed and then the gardens. Irrigation, lighting and lawn installation finished the back. A fence with a gate was installed in

Granite steps were set at the front doors and a new paver driveway with small planting areas on either side was installed. The planting areas allowed for drainage from the driveway without flooding the neighbouring property. Perennials were planted in these spaces so that there was room for winter snow. A brick apron was added in order to create a cohesive feel with the sidewalk enhancements.

What a beautiful transformation and all the components were seamlessly installed while the homeowner was out of town.