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Salmon Falls Nursery, located in Berwick, Maine is a 200-acre wholesale nursery growing over 20,000 trees and shrubs. The nursery was established by founder Mark Pendergast in 1978 as a result of his passion for plants and the growing process. We focus on growing the highest quality plant material, offering the best selection in a variety of sizes.

Our stock includes shade trees, flowering trees and shrubs, evergreens, fruit trees, and unique specimen material. We plant between 4,000 and 5,000 liners every spring. All plants in our fields are fertilized with a custom deep-root injection feed program developed in-house.

We have the capabilities to supply trees up to 8” caliper in size. Hundreds of trees are root pruned during the spring, and can be safely lifted and processed after the digging season.

In addition to the material we grow, plant material is sourced and brought in from all over the mid-Atlantic region. Plant material is set up in one of several holding yards and maintained all season. We continually bring stock in throughout the season to maintain plenty of options into the fall.