Perennial Plant of the Year

Each year the Perennial Plant Association names a new ‘Perennial Plant of the Year’. Plants receive this designation by vote from the members of the association. Plants are chosen based on five criteria: “suitability for a wide range of climate conditions, low-maintenance requirements, relatively pest and disease resistant, readily available in the year of promotion, and displays multiple seasons of ornamental interest.” Since 1990 the association has chosen a wide variety of plants that are consistent performers in the landscape. This year Geranium x cantabrigience ‘Biokovo’ takes the honor. This sweet little hardy geranium, is referred to as Cranesbill geranium. It’s common name refers to the shape of the fruit after the flower has dropped it’s petals, which looks similar to a crane’s beak. Perennial geraniums are not in the same family as the annual geranium, and the flower is quite different. It does have a similar leaf and a long blooming season, from June until October. The leaves often turn a wonderful reddish for the fall, and the seed head holds interest for a long time as well.

Perennial Plant Association