New Landscaping Donation

Longtime Local Firm Gives Back to Community and Honors Local Residents

June 19, 2012 – Berwick, Maine – Salmon Falls Nursery and Landscaping helped the South Berwick Public Library beautify its new location this spring with its generous donation of a new landscaping design and installation. The company’s Mother’s Day installation features a handsome outdoor circle of old, repurposed granite.

The donation is Salmon Falls Nursery and Landscaping’s thank-you to local South Berwick residents who helped to establish the family-owned landscaping start-up in its early years. Those honored in memoriam are: Bill Bray, Dick Gagnon, Cliff Ham, Gloria Roberge, and Dennis Smith. Also honored are Carol and Sam Mick of Mick Construction in nearby Rollinsford, NH.

“It was my honor to pay tribute to these fine local residents in a lasting way at South Berwick’s new library,” said Salmon Falls Nursery and Landscaping owner Mark Pendergast. “My firm will soon celebrate 35 years in the Greater Seacoast area because of the kind of grassroots support for local businesses that these folks provided to me. I encourage fellow businesspeople in our area to find similar ways to give back to our community, and to support this huge undertaking for South Berwick’s library.”

This landscaping project is part of a much-anticipated larger relocation and renovation project that is underway for the South Berwick Public Library. This year the organization and local residents realized a decades-long dream of moving SBPL into a newly built addition at the former St. Michael’s Church. The library will expand into the church’s former sanctuary this fall as renovations are completed. The new landscaping design as well as the installation (consisting of plant material, irrigation, and sod) was donated in its entirety by Salmon Falls Nursery and Landscaping. The landscaping firm’s employees donated a total of 150 hours of their own time for the installation. South Berwick town road crews assisted with the laying of sod.

“It is people such as Mark Pendergast that make big efforts like the new library actually happen. The whole project will be a little gem in the middle of South Berwick,” said Cynthia Gagnon, longtime SBPL supporter.

Fundraising for the new South Berwick library is ongoing, and donations can be made by calling (207) 384-2195 or by visiting the Friends of South Berwick Public Library website at:

ABOUT SALMON FALLS NURSERY & LANDSCAPING – Founded in 1978, Salmon Falls Nursery and Landscaping provides comprehensive residential and commercial landscaping and maintenance services for the Seacoast Maine/New Hampshire area. The business is unique in that it operates its own nursery to stock its landscaping projects with hardy local plant species.

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