Portsmouth Hospital Stonework

Create an entrance that is bold, dramatic, and tasteful. That was the challenge Salmon Falls was given. With competition between hospitals to have an inviting entrance, putting the patient at ease becomes the goal. This project was in the planning phase for over 6 months as we worked with the hospital to create a design that was within budget, satisfied a 12 member board, and created an entrance to the hospital that was different than anything out there. Add to that the need for it to be easily maintained.

We made the bold statement with four massive 4’ tall freestanding stonewalls with 6’ pillars on each end. The walls vary from a 30’ long straight wall to a pair of 80’ long serpentine walls at the main entrance.

To soften the walls a bit, we added hundreds of ornamental grass, daylilies, and shrubs to provide texture and color throughout the season. To give it a little punch we added room for annuals and planted over 4000 spring bulbs.

To connect the areas we planted a serpentine row of 30 mixed flowering crabapples. A row of Maple, Ash, Tulip Tree, and Tupelo along the street provide shade for those using the sidewalk. The fall color of the trees is spectacular.

We met the criteria given to us by the owner of the project and along the way took the commercial feel away.

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