As a company, we are committed to staying current with sustainable and environmentally sound landscape solutions that support our environment. We are proud to offer the skills and technology for installation of several of these solutions.


Green roof systems are a cutting-edge solution with several benefits. They have the ability to decrease energy use by reducing heating and cooling needs for large flat roof buildings. They mitigate water pollution by absorbing precipitation and reducing storm water runoff. Green roof systems also create green spaces for use on what would traditionally be a blank roof top. See our most recent project at Maine’s largest new elementary school in Falmouth.


Rain gardens are another method used to mitigate storm water runoff. The purpose of a rain garden is to reduce pollution in water bodies. Rain gardens are designed to capture runoff from parking lots and other impervious surfaces before it runs into natural bodies of water. The soils and plants installed in the rain garden help filter out toxins. Capturing the water on site also helps prevent erosion and diminished ground water.


Permeable paver systems are another solution to filtering runoff and keeping water on site maintaining ground water levels. As an alternative to paved driveways, permeable paver systems allow rain water to flow between the joints of pavers instead of running directly into storm drains. The base layer of the paver system delays and filters the runoff before it passes into the ground water table or into the storm drain system.


Most notable of our green initiatives is Salmon Falls Nursery, a wholesale tree and shrub nursery. With over 200 acres, there is a wide variety of material allowing us and other companies to source plants locally, reducing shipping from nurseries in western or southern regions. Located on several sites in Berwick, Maine, the growing fields keep traditional farm land in agriculture and are managed using sustainable practices.